Connecting Head–Heart–Hand

“How does mindfulness support you as a Design Thinking Coach?” I was asked. Being a Search Inside Yourself teacher, I realized that indeed both are inseparable.

Design Thinking is a systematic, human-centered way of finding solutions to complex problems. It goes beyond traditional design related concerns such as shape and layout. Unlike engineering approaches, which often start from the technical feasibility and economic viability,  the needs of the users are key.

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The Silent Revolution at SAP

When guests at the Upstalsboom Landhotel Friesland walk into their room, a piece of paper asks them the question: ‘Why am I here?’ And that same question was the first thing that Marc Stickdorn, the hotel manager, asked us at the start of our one­-day visit to the hotel in Varel, Germany. In autumn 2018 we, a small group of SAP employees, were invited to the hotel to draw our own conclusions about Upstalsboom – a hotel chain in Germany with around 650 employees that has become synonymous for cultural change in the workplace.

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Search Inside Yourself

If I had to summarize my professional role in one word it would be ‘connections’:

  • Technical Connections – I have been working in various technical consulting roles focusing on system integration
  • Human Connections –  I create spaces in which people can connect with themselves and others
  • Mind-Body Connections – I practice mindfulness, meditation and yoga as ways to keep the connection to myself
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